Escort leer layaspot fun factory

clitoral vibrator. I think the only real reason I like it, is because it's very portable and very cute. If you had to buy one toy only for yourself, I wouldn't pick this one. Strong vibrations, easy to use and reasonable size. The way it's curve makes it's nice to use along with intercourse for clitoral stimulation. I think the functions should be switched though instead of 8 levels of low to high have 8 different pulsating actions.

Layaspot: Escort leer layaspot fun factory

It almost looks like a mini flashlight you could leave on your desk. But I own about 15 toys total ranging from rabbits to strap-ons, and I rarely find myself reaching for this. Add resource 78 reviews 5 stars: 24 4 stars: 28 3 stars: 18 2 stars: 6 1 stars: 2, see all reviews, the most helpful favorable review. While it revved her up, it couldn't get her past the finish line. Lass uns mit dem Feuer spielen Leider ist die Auswahl der Möglichkeiten im Profil begrenzt. While the layaspot would probably be great for couples or very sensitive women, it didn't have enough buzz to do more than tickle. It is no miracle toy, and didn't quite live up to the hype, but it is still a worthy addition to any toy box. Whatever mechanic functions are within the toy, they are easily broken.

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